Our passion for music runs as deep and wide as our knowledge of it. We love to play it, watch it, listen to it, share it, talk it, book it, brand it, and absolutely love to teach it.


The Creative Jar was designed as an utmost dynamic, happening and innovative contemporary working environments constructed with intention to produce the most inspirational projects coming out of our N/NSW region. There is no such thing as NO at the Creative Jar…. Instead we offer YES, and HOW, with the inspirational space and means to do it! 

For those who frequent ‘the jar’, music is far more than a hobby; it’s a lifetime friend, relationship, conversation starter, connective, and central hub of great happiness.


Our tutors are qualified by both formal education and professional lives dedicated to it. Our school of tuition offers far greater rewards than just a progressive means of tuition. We offer passion. Passion is infectious, and without learning a passion for music, playing an instrument is just a trick with no purpose. As one-time students ourselves, we get it: Learning ‘London Bridge’ or ‘Green Sleeves’ doesn’t rate the same as the music playing on your iPod. But we equally understand teaching autonomy is not easy without first learning the basics. For this reason we take a personal approach to our students with the understanding that we are all individuals of personal tastes, skills and abilities.


There is no one size fits all method and we keep the ‘boring’ to a minimum. Our goal is that you to love all music as we do through holistic methods that incorporate both tradition, technology, personal tastes and fun. With passion, there is no hard work, just a desire to learn more. We teach this way for all ages, all levels, and all tastes; from opera to death metal; hobbyists to career musicians. If you love it, set that goal and we’ll teach you how to reach it and beyond, because, WE LOVE MUSIC!